Why this can be useful

In building a successful creative business you and your key people will be sure to come across multiple and complex challenges. Challenges that slow the flow of business, productivity and enduring success. Challenges of leadership, culture and team dynamics. Challenges of managing time, clients and creative minds.

Some people, like you perhaps, were thinking like this when they contacted us:

Founder Dynamics

“I need a neutral sounding-board who understands my business, my personality and motivations”

“My role and energy has changed since the start-up phase and I’m not sure where my ‘right place’ is in my own business now…”

Organisational Dynamics

“How do we ensure the right organisational dynamics for creativity and productivity to flow?”

“How do we build a creative organisation that supports and retains the talent while growing?”

Leadership development

“Creative direction I can do – but leading a diverse team of talented people in a growing company? It’s a challenge…”

“I want to find an authentic leadership style, that fits with who I really am. . . and I want our key people to find their own style too”

Management development

“Having a sharper and more motivated management team is going to be crucial to delivering on this vision”

“How do we ensure we are getting the best out of so many different types of people?”


“We’re growing so fast we’re in danger of losing sight of our original culture and values…”

“We’d like to know what the staff really think and feel – and how we can support and retain them…”


“Our business feels stuck. The cause is unclear. Help!”

“We need to develop our leadership team to ensure we are able to grow to the next stage with clarity”


We work alongside creative businesses to support the growth of leadership clarity, organisational health and productivity in the senior team and beyond, working at the point where individual and organisation, personal and professional, life and leadership meet.

Our work brings us into contact with many issues faced by leaders in the creative industry:

Clarifying personal/business direction; leadership team clarity; authentic leadership; building organisational culture; managing partnerships; enhancing emotional intelligence; resolving founder syndrome; facilitating transition; succession; resolving team and interpersonal dynamics; behavioural change; delegation; peak performance; effective communications and influencing styles; resolving the impact of old patterns on leadership style; hierarchy and role in creative businesses; loyalty and retention issues; issue and crisis resolution; organisational flow; working with challenging people; having difficult conversations; coaching others; personality type and leadership; clarifying purpose; leadership team structure and hierarchy; joining and leaving, building enduring creative business vitality.