Who we are

Meet the team

John Whittington

Founder, coach and managing partner

John works with founders and leaders of creative businesses in times of transition and growth to clarify and resolve personal, professional and organisational development challenges through individual mentoring, coaching and consulting. His work is informed by a career as a leader in the design, event, video and brand expression business and his training as a professional development coach.

After a career in theatre management and production John moved on to work as a creative producer at Imagination, travelling the world directing brand communications initiatives. After leading some of the industry’s landmark creative expression projects he set up his own integrated design and creative communications agency, One World Communications, in 1993.

Seven years later, having taken the company to the limits of his understanding of business, of leadership and of organisational dynamics, he decided to stop trading and go exploring. Over the next five years he immersed himself in the world of personal and business psychology, in the skills and behaviours of leadership, and the invisible dynamics that influence organisational culture. As part of that journey he qualified as a coach, a psychometric practitioner and relational systems consultant. In 2005 he brought that and his experience and passion for the creative industry together to create The Riverbank Partnership.

John specialises in working with founders and leaders of owner managed creative and media businesses at the point where the individual, the role and the organisation meet, building maximum personal and professional effectiveness and clarity of purpose.

Alongside his portfolio of clients John is also busy as a teacher of systemic coaching through his company Coaching Constellations and is the author of the book ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations.’

Loretta Roy

Founder and Coach

Loretta is an enthusiastic professional development & leadership coach with a breadth of experience in the design, events and creative services sector. Her passion for working with people to empower them to be themselves at work – to be their best in role – and supporting them as they align their values with their work and life, underpins her personable approach.

A qualified MBTI psychometric practitioner and certified Positive Impact coach, with an emphasis on in-company professional development, her breadth of experience in the creative business combines with a range of coaching skills and techniques to ensure a bespoke service for all clients. She applies her skills and experience with individuals and small teams in a variety of creative business contexts.

Loretta also has a training in systemic constellations and uses the principles and practice of Bert Hellinger’s systemic thinking to support the development of organisational health.

Loretta established The Riverbank Partnership with John Whittington in 2005 in order to help build and sustain professional development and organisational vitality in the design and creative business sector.

Our Associates

The wider team

Since we began working with leaders in the creative industries we have had the pleasure to work with many clients from multiple sectors within the brand expression, film, TV and arts sectors. To meet the continuous demand for leadership and organisational development we have partnered with several trusted associates.

Our associates are all experienced not only as coaches but also as human beings who have held senior leadership roles themselves and faced directly into the pressures and expectations of the creative industry.  As a result they bring not only rigour as professional development coaches but a depth of industry and life experience.

At the start of each relationship we assess what is required to support growth and development at the personal, professional and organisational level and recommend specific coaches to work alongside you and us, as appropriate. All Riverbank associates share a talent for working with individuals and teams at the personal, professional and organisational level with equal fluidity.


We work alongside creative businesses to support the growth of leadership clarity, organisational health and productivity in the senior team and beyond, working at the point where individual and organisation, personal and professional, life and leadership meet.

Our work brings us into contact with many issues faced by leaders in the creative industry:

Clarifying personal/business direction; leadership team clarity; authentic leadership; building organisational culture; managing partnerships; enhancing emotional intelligence; resolving founder syndrome; facilitating transition; succession; resolving team and interpersonal dynamics; behavioural change; delegation; peak performance; effective communications and influencing styles; resolving the impact of old patterns on leadership style; hierarchy and role in creative businesses; loyalty and retention issues; issue and crisis resolution; organisational flow; working with challenging people; having difficult conversations; coaching others; personality type and leadership; clarifying purpose; leadership team structure and hierarchy; joining and leaving, building enduring creative business vitality.