Which businesses we work with

Our work facilitates leadership and organisational development in a portfolio of leading creative and media businesses.

Whilst all the work remains personally and commercially confidential, our clients are often keen to share the positive impact it has on them and their organisational health:

“I was very sceptical about ‘coaching’! But our work with you has empowered us, allowed us to reset our course and left all the insights, authority and responsibility inside the company, where it belongs.”
Founder, brand & design practice

“The mix of professional and personal development has been, and continues to be, a uniquely integrating and positive experience with real business benefits.”
Founder, brand expression agency

“Our monthly sessions leave me feeling resourced, confident and able to make better and increasingly complex decisions fast.”
Founder design agency

“You said you were not going to offer us any business advice but while working with you the agency has grown by 20%!”
Founder, design agency

“Leadership – a notion I had barely any understanding of this time last year – has come to be one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys of my professional life to date!”
Founder & creative director, design consultancy

“Staying true to my personal values whilst also playing the leading role in this business seemed a remote possibility six months ago.”
Director, events company

“Everyone on the board feels more energised and focused, facing the future with enthusiasm and a greater sense of personal motivation.”
New business director, marketing communications agency

“Getting clarity around management team structure, purpose and processes in less than six months has moved this agency on faster than I imagined possible.”
Founder, branding agency

“Having a sounding-board for leadership, organisational and personal issues has proved invaluable to me and the whole company.”
Founding director, brand consultancy

“Becoming part of a large network brought leadership and cultural challenges we had not envisaged. The work we’ve done with you to better integrate the two systems has been timely and very effective”
Director, marketing communications agency

“Understanding my ‘personality type’ has been very useful in understanding myself and those around me much better. This has been a real gearchange for me in terms of the business and my personal life.”
Founder and creative director, brand expression agency

“I’ve found my own leadership style through this work, thanks in large part to you walking alongside me.”
Founder and head of design, packaging agency

“My EQ has always been OK but now my IQ is playing catch up!”
Managing director, TV production company

“The ‘Personality Type Discovery Day’ was so helpful in understanding and appreciating where we are all coming from.”
Client services director, design agency

“Letting go was so hard for me – but worth all the blood, sweat and tears, now I’ve fallen in love with my business again.”
Managing/creative director, design agency

“Getting in touch with our ‘founder energy’ was a crucial and enlightening path to take us down. The investment has paid off a hundred times.”
Founder, design and identity agency

“By understanding ‘founder syndrome’ I’ve now been able to reconnect with the sense of excitement and creativity that I had when I started.”
Founder and managing director publishing company

“Motivating and leading such an eclectic and talented team has proved to be my greatest challenge, until recently when it’s actually become a pleasure to try out my new found skills. The results speak for themselves. Thank you.”
Creative head, design studio

“We had hit a barrier where we seemed to be stuck. Now things are easing and we’ve got a very different perspective on the future.”
Founder and creative director, design agency

“Your ability to see the big picture – and into the heart of the real issue – then help us untangle ourselves has been invaluable.”
Director, print production company

“Building a culture that supports creativity is hard, but we’ve made some real progress over the past few months with your help.”
Managing director, design agency

“We’ve been able to see the ‘handbrake’ that has been holding us back from the culture and success we really wanted.”
Director, dance company

“Your relentless commitment to the organisational and cultural health of our company has proved to be hugely beneficial to us as people and to the business as a whole.”
Founder, marketing services company

Tales from The Riverbank

Our business is all about supporting individuals on their personal and professional journeys into leadership in a creative business environment.

Whilst all our client work remains confidential, we do share occasional summaries of our recent client work and these follow:

Working at an individual level and as part of a number of professional development coaching programmes we have recently:

  • Worked with creative and client directors to facilitate professional development that provides a framework for continuous self-management as they journey into leadership.
  • Coached a newly appointed Managing Director in an integrated creative communications agency who wanted to find the right place, psychologically, from which to take up her new leadership role.
  • Worked with the founding partners of an architectural practice with an accessible personality-type framework to facilitate better mutual understanding and communications.
  • Coached the creative director of a leading design agency through some personal challenges that were affecting his capacity to lead.
  • Co-created an individual approach to delegation with positive impact for a client account director, in a way that built upon her natural style.
  • Worked with the founder and owner of a music publishing business who was looking to increase her capacity to deal with the complexity of leadership.

Working at an organisational level and as part of a number of organisational development coaching programmes we have recently:

  • Facilitated an ‘organisational health check’ workshop for the staff of a design agency to clarify cultural issues and coaching agenda.
  • Guided a creative/strategic partnership through a five-year envisioning & planning process and worked alongside them to assist in initial roll-out and build renewed organisational health.
  • Facilitated a workshop for six founders facing tensions in their team structure and dynamics – using a systems perspective and intervention to explore and resolve hidden dynamics.
  • Worked alongside an agency founder and majority shareholder through a re-structuring to facilitate greater organisational health and clarity around split of roles, responsibilities and ownership.


We work alongside creative businesses to support the growth of leadership clarity, organisational health and productivity in the senior team and beyond, working at the point where individual and organisation, personal and professional, life and leadership meet.

Our work brings us into contact with many issues faced by leaders in the creative industry:

Clarifying personal/business direction; leadership team clarity; authentic leadership; building organisational culture; managing partnerships; enhancing emotional intelligence; resolving founder syndrome; facilitating transition; succession; resolving team and interpersonal dynamics; behavioural change; delegation; peak performance; effective communications and influencing styles; resolving the impact of old patterns on leadership style; hierarchy and role in creative businesses; loyalty and retention issues; issue and crisis resolution; organisational flow; working with challenging people; having difficult conversations; coaching others; personality type and leadership; clarifying purpose; leadership team structure and hierarchy; joining and leaving, building enduring creative business vitality.