When you’re ready

If you’d like to explore the potential for greater individual, team and organisational vitality within your creative business, or have any questions about coaching, personal or professional development and the journey into authentic leadership please contact John Whittington, managing partner:

Email: john@theriverbankpartnership.com
Telephone: +44 [0]20 8875 0061

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Not sure if you’re ready?

Our clients come to us for a number of reasons. But all are somewhere along the path from start-up to grown-up, leading a successful creative business. Some of them, like you perhaps, were thinking like this when they first called us and so were ready to get the benefits this work can bring:

“We have great people – how do we develop, support and retain them?”

“We sometimes lose sight of the original motivations that got us to start this business in the first place.”

“Our clients love the work we do and we seem to keep growing. But we don’t know why some of our good people leave.”

“We’re growing so fast we are in danger of losing sight of our original culture.”

“Sometimes I feel trapped in my own company.”

“I want to find a fresh approach, starting with a leadership style that fits with who I am.”

“Our business has grown rapidly and we are unsure if the organisational structure/culture is supporting our people.”

“How do you grow a creative and highly entrepreneurial business without it losing its edge?”

“I think we have at least two different cultures here – in the creative team and in client services team. And they are clashing!”

“I think we’re getting confused between ownership, family and business roles and responsibilities.”

“Our business feels stuck. The cause is unclear. Help!”

“No-one seems sure if they belong – or what the rules of belonging are.”

“The business feels a bit stuck in its ‘adolescent’ phase. We need to grow up – but without losing the culture we’ve created.”

“As we grow as a company we are struggling to grow an effective leadership style.”

“We don’t need a standard business consultant to come in – because we are not a standard business. We have to maintain our creativity whilst emerging into a better, stronger company.”

“We design and sell brands but I worry that we are losing sight of our own values and culture.”

“I need someone to explore options with who isn’t involved in the business but has been in this position – a neutral sounding-board.”

“As a finance director in such a creative environment sometimes I feel like a fish out of water.”

“I think we’re having an organisational crisis!”

“We have a succession issue. Our managers need support to evolve into leaders.”

“We want to create our own future and do something different, in our own way.”

“My skills need to broaden to ensure successful growth. It’s all about leadership now, I can see that.”

“How do you get the best out of people – under this much pressure?”

“How do you achieve any kind of work/life balance in this industry?”

“I just need a sounding-board that isn’t my bank manager, accountant, lawyer… to talk about all the other stuff.”

“I don’t think I need a therapist – but sometimes I do feel like I’m going crazy under this much pressure!”

“I need to know how to lead as well as how to direct.”

“Starting and growing a creative company is a very different thing from managing and leading a creative company, isn’t it?!”

“Running a creative company shouldn’t be any less businesslike than an ‘ordinary’ business. But there’s a cultural resistance to doing this in a businesslike way.”

“I’d like to make better decisions for me and my business. And I’d like to stay in touch with myself whatever’s happening in the business.”

“My personal history and life experience may be limiting the fuller success of the business.”


We work alongside creative businesses to support the growth of leadership clarity, organisational health and productivity in the senior team and beyond, working at the point where individual and organisation, personal and professional, life and leadership meet.

Our work brings us into contact with many issues faced by leaders in the creative industry:

Clarifying personal/business direction; leadership team clarity; authentic leadership; building organisational culture; managing partnerships; enhancing emotional intelligence; resolving founder syndrome; facilitating transition; succession; resolving team and interpersonal dynamics; behavioural change; delegation; peak performance; effective communications and influencing styles; resolving the impact of old patterns on leadership style; hierarchy and role in creative businesses; loyalty and retention issues; issue and crisis resolution; organisational flow; working with challenging people; having difficult conversations; coaching others; personality type and leadership; clarifying purpose; leadership team structure and hierarchy; joining and leaving, building enduring creative business vitality.